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  • Microwave, Stove, and Dishwasher, Full size refrigerator

  • Plates, bowls, glasses, coffee cups, and silverware for 12 (settings for 6 at Hosta Haven)

  • Wine glasses & margarita glasses

  • Serving utensils (large spoons, spatulas, etc.)

  • Kitchen knives, Pizza Cutter

  • 2 Coffee Makers / Filters and 30 cup coffee maker

  • Keurig coffee maker, pods for sale- .50

  • Juice pitchers, coffee carafes

  • Baking sheets, Pizza pans, 9 x 13 glass baking dishes, Smaller glass baking dishes, muffin pans

  • Serving bowls & serving platters

  • Mixing bowls, Measuring cups, bowls, and spoons

  • Blender, Hand mixer, Strainer

  • Various pots and pans, Frying pans, Large soup kettle, Flat electric griddle

  • Crock pots - large and small

  • Toasters

  • Nesco roaster

  • Kitchen essentials: dish towels, washcloths, dish soap, dishwasher soap, Hand towels, Hot pads. We also provide some basic spices and salt & pepper shakers.

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